Reinsurance Broking

Redmayne looks to develop long-term relationships with its clients, providing not just professional reassurance placement, but also an ongoing risk management service.  Redmayne believes in developing win-win relationships with reassurers to maximise the long-term value for its clients.

For many insurers outsourcing to Redmayne will be the most cost effective route to expert reassurance management, freeing internal resources.  At the same time Redmayne will be working to further reduce reassurance costs through better risk identification and control, thereby tapping into better experience and reducing the reassurer’s uncertainty loading.

Redmayne will implement those strategies through:

  • Providing general market knowledge
  • Advising on regulatory impacts
  • Identifying process changes needed
  • Developing insurer’s guidelines
  • Tendering
  • Ongoing treaty management
  • Inputting into insurer’s prudential risk systems and controls

Redmayne can also manage buying reassurance on annuity books.

Download information on buying reassurance for annuity books.