System Development

There are two ways in which Redmayne can help with system developments.


Redmayne can produce user specifications for delivery to internal or external system providers for any protection-related development. We will also review the system provider’s understanding of the requirements and help users develop a comprehensive test plan.

The advantage we provide is our understanding of all aspects of protection business. This means that we can:

  • work with all types of users to draw out their requirements in their language
  • unify the different requirements of different user groups
  • future-proof requirements though our own knowledge of likely future developments

Our work is of most use for smaller organisations who do not have dedicated system analysts embedded in their business. However we have also worked as protection experts within large project teams of more broadly-based companies.


Redmayne has delivered total system solutions for clients for various processes within the protection market. By extending our specification of user requirements into system requirements we can significantly reduce the cost and time of production, whilst improving quality.

For more details on our system development support please contact us.