Consulting Overview

There is no typical Redmayne Consulting project

The following is to give some idea of the range of issues that can be tackled. It is probably exhausting, but certainly not exhaustive.


  • How do I maximise protection sales post-RDR?
  • What processes and procedures do I need?
  • How do I keep a single provider competitive?


  • What is the best distribution mix for protection and longevity products?
  • How should I manage reinsurance, when some of my biggest competitors could be reinsurers?
  • How do I use big-data to maximise sales and profits?


  • How do I understand what the distributors really want?
  • What service will insurers value?
  • What is the best entry strategy to the UK protection market?

IS suppliers

  • How do I overcome the sales barriers for my services?
  • Are there more compelling solutions in which I can embed my product?

Other suppliers

  • To whom do I sell my product?
  • Can I totally change the current value chain in protection business?

Look at the case studies to see Redmayne Consulting in practice, or the people who deliver.

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