Redmayne Consulting seeks to be the best solution for distributors, insurers, reinsurers and IS and other suppliers involved in writing protection business.  Information on Redmayne Consulting’s services can be downloaded here.


Redmayne Consultancy aims to meet specific customer needs for:

  1. temporary help to resource a specific project, or to provide skills not available internally
  2. predominantly protection business: including life, critical illness and income protection
  3. innovative, new solutions: not implementing a process used before.

The scope of the work can be from strategy to helping implement a new quotation system. Have a look at some case studies.


Delivery will be through MD Nigel Bradshaw, Peter Mannion, Mel Yates and associates. See people.


The whole ethos of Redmayne Consulting is different to most of the medium and large consultancy firms. They usually transfer project processes between clients, for example how to select a software package. These are then overlaid onto specific skills from the client.

Instead Redmayne Consulting transfer skills between clients, but look to develop new process each time. This is more appropriate for one-off issues. Given the pace of change in today’s business world Redmayne Consulting believe that most of the real change projects are one-offs. The role of focused consultancies with real skills is greater than ever.

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