Redmayne Consulting was founded in 2002 by Nigel Bradshaw. Over the years it has expanded in numbers and in the scope of work it takes on.

Along with the actuaries Nigel, Pete and Mel, Redmayne has a trainee actuary and administrative support.

Redmayne Consulting uses a range of associates for their different skills and experience. Associates are normally individuals or smaller, focused, consultancy firms. They are selected for their approach to work as well as for the highest quality standards.

Redmayne Consulting have been delighted to work with the following associates, amongst others.

Peter Le Beau of Le Beau Visage
Susie Cour-Palais and Peter Maynard of SelectX
David Criddle of Metier Consulting
Hank George of Hank George Inc
Jonathan Halstead and Graham Hawke of Athena Consulting
Peter Moore of Peter Moore and Company
Stephen Richards of Richards Consulting
Gordon Sills of Gordon Sills Marketing Limited